Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense

At the Law Office of Troy D. Krenning, we offer professional legal representation based on years of experience. Our Loveland, Colorado, law firm handles a wide range of felonies and misdemeanors in Colorado state courts. We also handle related administrative matters, like those affecting your driver's license or criminal record. Regardless if you are accused of serious felony charges or a simple traffic infraction you are presumed innocent and have a right to qualified and competent legal representation. Don’t face the legal system alone, decisions you make could affect you for the rest of your life. We offer free, confidential consultations and flexible payment plans.

Consumer Rights

Is a debt collector threatening, harassing or annoying you? Does a debt collector refuse to accept that you are not able to make any payments? Are you afraid to answer your telephone? We can stop the abuse and make the abusive debt collector pay you. You have rights under federal law and we will help you enforce your rights.

When it comes to your protection through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDPCA,the Law office of Troy D. Krenning is here to help. At our office, we'll provide the type of legal counsel and representation that ensures your rights will be protected. We’ll help you fight back against dishonest and illegal debt collection practices.

Debt Lawsuit Defense

Are you being sued by a debt collector? Let us help. Many people, including some judges, assume that when a collector sues on a debt the consumer almost always owes the money. Whatever the accuracy of this view in times past, changed practices in the marketplace have dramatically altered the facts. Today, consumers have complete defenses in a significant number of collections cases. This means that you shouldn’t think that just because somebody has sued you over an alleged credit card debt that you don’t have a defense. Once the lawsuit is filed, it’s not your burden to prove that you don’t owe the money to the Plaintiff. The Plaintiff has the burden of proof at trial, and with a competent trial lawyer at your side, putting a Plaintiff to its burden can be as good a defense as any. At the Law Office of Troy D. Krenning, we are experienced and dedicated to helping consumers defend against these lawsuits. We provide complete representation all the way through trial if necessary for an affordable flat fee.

Expungement of Criminal Records

expungement image
Do you have an erroneous item in your records?

Do you have an item that was to be expunged as part of your plea agreement?

Do you have an item that was to be expunged at the end of the punitive
phase of your plea?

Has the court not cleared the item after numerous request?

The Law Office of Troy D. Krenning can help you get these items cleared from your records using the expungement process.

General Civil Litigation

The Law Office of Troy D. Krenning can help you with general litigation for a variety of situations. We have represented individuals in the following matters, contract disputes, licensing and HOA disputes.